Why South Sea pearls should be in your jewelry box right now

Pearls have always been and always will be one of the most loved gems in the world. So loved that they’re always seen on influencers, K-Drama stars, and even on the red carpet with male Hollywood celebs rocking a strand of pearls. Gone are the days when they were worn only by women on special occasions, now it’s a staple piece of jewelry for everyday wear. At the forefront of making pearls an everyday statement is an up and coming new brand of jewelry called V!

V! is a line of sustainable pearl jewelry for everyday fashion. At the heart of each piece is the extraordinary South Sea pearl, ethically-sourced from the untouched islands of Palawan, Philippines. South Sea pearls are coveted globally, V! makes it accessible with its shop now available online.

Browse through their pages, and you'll find gorgeous earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings with chic designs for modern Filipinas. Most of the pieces come in 14k solid yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold to exquisitely match the white to the champagne-gold luster of the South Sea pearls. There are also stunning stainless steel gold pieces that are popular because of its hypo-allergenic and non-tarnish qualities. Either way, V! guarantees quality pieces perfect for everyday wear and special occasions.

Pearls are timeless and this playful brand shifts the spotlight on the gemstone in a refreshingly youthful way. With its name derived from the Latin word "vivere," which means "to live," V! is a vibrant display of playful aesthetics that are all about being alive. It's an exclamation to live purposefully while keeping nature in balance. V!' is one of the few jewelry brands with a deeper purpose that advocates sustainability from sourcing, crafting, and packaging their jewelry.

"We live in a beautiful world, and for us to enjoy what it has to offer, we must take care of what we already have. When we farm our pearls, not only do we look after the sanctuary of the oysters, we also preserve the cleanliness of our Palawan seas," says V! "We also make sure to give back. As the pearls thrive in the water, so do our pearl farmers and their communities. Together, we enjoy the fruits of our labor with the most beautiful South Sea pearl that's unlike any other."

Browse through V! Jewelry's first collection online at www.vjewelryshop.com. Stay up-to-date on their latest designs by following V! on Instagram at @vjewelryshop, or on Facebook.

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