A Pearl Jewelry Brand For Everyday Adventures

Whether paired with casual looks or styled with evening attire, pearl jewelry has a versatility that makes it always suitable for any occasion and event. One brand that is aiming to highlight pearl jewelry’s endless styling possibilities is V!, a sustainable jewelry brand inspired by Filipino culture and pride.

V! offers fashion-forward designs that showcase the natural beauty of the South Sea pearl. Putting a contemporary spin on the pearl, the brand aims to add a touch of playfulness and a modern appeal to its classic style. V!’s South Sea pearls are sourced from Palawan, an approach that gets them a step closer to preserving the seas and protecting their surrounding environments.

Josefina Bolzico was recently introduced as V’s newest muse. Embodying the brand’s creative nature and energetic soul, she ushers in a fresh perspective and a bold statement for the new season.

V!’s pearl jewelry collections are proudly local and are tributes to the natural beauty of the country’s islands. The brand’s Flow collection features jewelry box staples that welcomes plenty of mixing and matching, no matter your style — a range of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings in nature-inspired designs. With the collection’s everyday glam pieces and striking designs, they’re the perfect finishing touches to your day-to-night looks.

With Josefina Bolzico as its newest face, V! prides itself in offering fashionably sustainable pieces that invite you to be a force of nature and to embrace your sense of adventure.

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