The pearl is the world’s only organic and living gem that comes from a living creature, the oyster. Growing these pearls require years of care. Oysters can produce pearls only in pristine conditions, surrounded by life.

Birthstone Month: June
Anniversary Stone: 30th year

Among all the pearls, the South Sea pearl is the largest and the rarest. This beautiful pearl is also the heart of most of our pieces. Each pearl is made in partnership with nature, and every piece is made uniquely. The irregularities they may possess distinctly differentiate one from the other, and validate their authenticity.


The precious stone known for longevity, strength, beauty, happiness.

Birthstone Month: April
Anniversary Stone: 60th, 75th year

The diamond is a naturally colorless precious stone where its translucence plays a factor that determines its excellent quality. However, some traces of elements can affect its color and shape, even its value. Diamonds are the hardest metal on earth, about 58 times harder than anything in nature. It’s no wonder they say “diamonds are forever.”


Birthstone Month: January


A gem for personal empowerment and inner strength.

Birthstone Month: February
Anniversary Stone: 6th, 17th year

The amethyst stone is the most prized member of the quartz family for over centuries. In fact, they can be so huge that the largest crystal displayed in the GIA Museum weighs 164 lbs. Known for their pretty purple color, its hues can range from the palest lilac to the most vibrant violet or richest purple.


A gem for calmness

Birthstone Month: November
Anniversary Stone: 13th year

The citrine stone is a variety of quartz with a beautiful blend of warm, bright, and attractive yellow tones with orange like the glowing sun. Its metal iron found within the stone is the reason for its yellow to orange color.


The protection stone
Birthstone Month: August
Anniversary Stone: 16th year

The peridot stone, pronounced as “peri-doe”, comes in a variety of alluring colors ranging from the subdued olive green to the most common lime green. This enchanting gem was often mistaken for emeralds because of its transparency and green hues.


The love gem
Birthstone Month: January
Anniversary Stone: 5th year

The rose quartz is a lovely quartz stone with a variety of pink colors ranging from a very light and dainty pink to a medium to deep rose. Its cloudy translucence comes from microscopic mineral inclusions that make this pastel gem a very romantic stone to wear.


The passion stone for love and success
Birthstone Month: July
Anniversary Stone: 15th, 40th year

The ruby gem is a precious stone that comes in a range of reddish hues in pink, purple, and red-orange tones. The most beautiful and expensive color being the deep, pure, and vivid red. In fact, its vibrant red color is so precious, a 25.59-carat ruby ring was once auctioned for more than $1 million per carat.


The precious stone for wisdom, loyalty, and nobility
Birthstone Month: September
Anniversary Stone: 5th, 45th year

The sapphire stone, contrary to popular misconception, is not only blue. It comes in a variety of colors from very light to very dark green to violet-blue. The most prized color being the pure, deep blue like the famous engagement ring of Princess Diana passed on to Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.


The gem for long life, beauty, and intelligence
Birthstone Month: November
Anniversary Stone: 4th year

The topaz stone has an exceptionally wide collection of colors such as light blue, yellow, orange, pink, violet, brown, even colorless, and very rarely in red. It’s a popular crystal with colors so versatile, you can wear with any style.


Pure gold is either formed as it is or mixed with alloy metals to produce more durable pieces of jewelry. Karats is used as a measurement of how much gold is present in the mixed metal, expressed in parts of 24. 24k gold, or pure gold, may seem like the ideal material for jewelry, however, it’s too soft to withstand scratches. In fact, V! uses 14k gold, which is primarily gold or 14 parts gold out of 24, melded with stronger metals like zinc, nickel, silver, or copper. We mix these metals in percentages to achieve the colors yellow gold, white gold and rose gold for our pieces. 14k gold is a popular choice for jewelry since it’s accessible and durable enough to be passed down from one fashionable generation to another.


Nowadays, stainless steel is a common material used for jewelry and is often preferred by many since it’s strong, more durable, and doesn’t rust or tarnish, unlike plated jewelry. It’s perfect for those sensitive or allergic to certain metals since it’s hypoallergenic. This metal can be mixed with gold color to achieve a fabulous piece of gold jewelry that’s perfect for everyday wear.