Kathryn Bernardo is the new face of V! Jewelry

V! Jewelry is kicking off the summer season on an exciting note by introducing the new face of their brand: Kathryn Bernardo. The celebrated actress-entrepreneur is a natural fit for the sustainable jewelry brand, which takes pride in their fashion forward designs that feature the South Sea pearl, the national gem of
the Philippines.

V! is a local jewelry brand known for chic designs that cater to the changing lifestyles of stylish young adults. With V!, look no further than bold, playful pieces that you’ll look and feel good in — the brand is all about sustainability, with their South Sea pearls organically sourced from Palawan, showcasing their aim in preserving the seas and protecting their surrounding environments.

As an advocate for sustainability, Kathryn Bernardo’s love for beautiful beaches —
Palawan, in particular — gives her a deeper appreciation for the pearl. V! pearls remind her of the gift of nature and to protect our seas, you need clean oceans to produce more pearls. The pearl is the world’s only living gem. It comes from oysters that are natural filter feeders and can only grow in clean waters and healthy marine ecosystems.

For a brand that’s proudly Filipino, it made perfect sense to have Kathryn represent V! — she is, after all, an icon of the modern Filipina. When asked how wearing V! pearls makes her feel, she simply stated: “Every time I wear them, I feel very proud because all their pearls are sourced from the Philippines, specifically in Palawan....It represents me being 100% Filipina, and I love that about the brand.” Take it from Kathryn — wearing your national pride has never looked so good!

Effortlessly stylish, grounded and humble despite her continuing successes, and an inspiration to many, Kathryn’s multifaceted nature is aligned with everything that V! stands for. Like the pearl, she’s a natural beauty who values authenticity and sustainability above all.

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