This Summer’s Mood? To Be Vivaciously V!

Like the clothes you put on, the jewelry that you wear says a lot about you. That meaningful bracelet on your wrist, those earrings you never take off — these are extensions of your style and personality, the ways you express your unique self to the world. That’s why for local jewelry brand V!, each piece is infused with joy and playfulness, intended to empower you and bring you confidence. 

This summer, an exciting time of adventures and discovering new things, V! inspires you to live your life to the fullest with their muse, the celebrated actress entrepreneur Kathryn Bernardo. As the very embodiment of the modern Filipina — stylish, inspirational, and empowered — Kathryn continues to be the one that everyone has their eyes on. 

Channeling this season’s campaign, Vivaciously V!, Kathryn continues to break boundaries, from her evolving sense of style to every new role that she takes on. As a modern Filipina, Kathryn’s versatile nature on and off the screen is aligned with that of the jewelry brand’s. 

Just like Kathryn’s go-getter attitude, let V! remind you that you are your own visionary. Whether you’re in the mood to stack your dainty pearl jewelry or you prefer wearing a  statement piece on its own, it’s all up to you,  just enjoy and live life according to your own rules!

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