What’s Real and What’s Not: The Myths Behind Pearls

As the world’s oldest gemstone, it's no surprise that the pearl has inspired different myths throughout centuries and across cultures. From ancient Greece (remember that story of Cleopatra dissolving her pearl in her wine?) to symbolizing Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, the pearl has always held an air of mystery and intrigue.

But what’s the truth behind the stories surrounding it? V!, a local jewelry brand that proudly highlights the natural beauty of the South Sea pearl, the national gem of the Philippines, is here to debunk some of the most popular pearl myths.

Myth: Real pearls are white Contrary to popular belief, pearls don’t just come in white!

A pearl’s color depends on the water type it grows in and the type of mollusk that produces it. The Philippine South Sea pearl, produced by the rare Pinctada maxima, comes in a range of beautiful colors like gold, cream, and champagne, as well as white — as highlighted in V!’s pearl pieces.

Myth: Wearing pearls on your wedding day is a bad omen

You’ve probably heard this statement before due to the pearl’s association with tears, but we’re here to tell you that pearls represent purity, innocence, and eternal love — what more could a blushing bride ask for? Pearls have been worn as wedding jewelry for hundreds of years — in fact, brides in Asian countries are known to wear pearl strands, as they symbolize fertility.

Myth: It’s bad luck to gift someone pearls

Similar to the superstition above, there’s a belief that gifting pearls would bring tears to their receiver. Before you nod along though, did you know that in Chinese culture, pearls are believed to bring prosperity and wisdom, making them — you guessed it —meaningful gifts for loved ones? Oh, and have we mentioned that pearls are also traditional gifts for 30th wedding anniversaries?

Myth: Pearls are inherently feminine

From Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn, the pearl has been a glamorous signature for some of history’s most fashionable women. But did you know that men were the first to wear pearls? During ancient times, kings wore ropes of pearls as a mark of their wealth and status. Here’s another cool fact: Knights wore pearls during battle as their talismans to protect themselves from harm. Pearls today are becoming favored by men too — just ask Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet!

Myth: Pearls are old-fashioned and outdated

Jackie Kennedy said it best: “Pearls are always appropriate.” Some things just don’t go out of fashion, and pearls have a timelessness that go beyond seasons and trends. Pearls are also one of the most versatile gems, adaptable to suit contemporary tastes. V!’s designs are the perfect examples, as they bridge the pearl’s classic nature with a modern spin, as exemplified by the chic pieces worn by their current muse, Kathryn Bernardo.

Myth: Pearls only come in round shapes

Real pearls come in many shapes, not just round! From oval to drop to button, just to name a few, authentic pearls come in different shapes and forms. As they’re gifts from Mother Nature, no two pearls are exactly the same, making each one truly one-of-a-kind. You may also see dents and scratches on their surfaces — these are imperfections that make them uniquely beautiful.

Now that you know that pearls are the perfect gift for any occasion, make sure to check out V! when you go jewelry shopping. Not only will you look good in their pieces, but you’ll also feel good about wearing them — sustainability is V!’s priority, and they're committed to protecting Palawan’s waters (the home of the South Sea pearl) and surrounding environments.

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