V! is all about the new and undiscovered,the beauty and excitement in every experience—all captured in Filipino-inspired creations.The hue of life and laughter, V! is a fresh philosophy of playful style that brings the national gem of the Philippines,the South Sea pearl, to the modern Filipino.


Sustainable By Nature

At V!, we are inspired by the beauty of our world and the elegance of the South Sea pearl. It’s in our nature to actively conserve the environment by practicing sustainable ways of sourcing, crafting, and packaging every exceptional piece of V! jewelry.

Proudly Filipino

At the heart of V! is the beautiful South Sea pearl, the pride of our seas. No two pearls are alike, each one embracing its own extraordinary characteristics. Our designs enhance the national gem’s uniqueness, shining light on the most beautiful pearl of them all-- the Pearl of the Orient.

Compassionate At Heart

V! is not just a brand, it’s an advocacy. As the pearls thrive, so do our farmers and their communities. This gem has become a symbol of their flourishing livelihood, as well as a cleaner ocean. We give back to nature by protecting all forms of life in Palawan, the sanctuary of our organic gem.

Vivacious and Bold In Spirit

To wear V! is to dance with vitality and live freely & purposefully. V! jewelry is an embellishment to the soul and unveils the vibrant spirit within.