Are you ready? V! just leveled up with its newest shop location at Shangri-La Mall. V! is all about the new and undiscovered, with pieces that encapsulate beauty, excitement, and experience.

Pearls may be a timeless piece, but this playful brand shifts the spotlight on the gemstone in a refreshingly youthful angle. With its name derived from the Latin word "Vivere," which means "to live," V! is a vibrant display of playful aesthetics that are all about being alive. It is an exclamation to live purposefully while keeping nature in balance.

A joyful pursuit of the best of life's colors — an unending quest to keep them vibrant through efforts to preserve, protect, and promote what is ours. The brand aims to uplift the modern day beauty in any lifestyle and bring to light Filipino creations and exuberance. Each V! South Sea pearl is sustainably-sourced from the islands of Palawan, Philippines.

Pearls embody the nourishment of the waters and V! hopes that the wearers of our collections will feel the same within themselves, carrying a piece of the sea with them. V!’s Flow collection reminds us that the beauty of nature lies in the details. The Bloom set forever captures the beauty of flowers, while the Lily Pendant was made for the young and young at heart. Rise and shine with the Dewdrop Necklace, a work of art that reminds you to begin each morning with a smile on your face and kindness in your heart. Lastly, adorn yourself with the elegant Cascade Necklace, a celebration of harmony and the gentle coming and going of seasons embodied in a single silver-hued ring.

To embrace one’s identity is to wear V!, and to​ wear South Sea pearls is to be proud of nature’s gifts. Through dynamic collections looking to accentuate the inner wild child in all of us, V! hopes to bring out what makes you you! Discover V! on July 15, 2022 at Shangri-La Mall Level 2, Main Wing (near Harlan + Holden).

To celebrate our newest branch, treat yourself or those dearest to you to 10% off on all pearl items orders worth Php 5,000 and above at the V! Shangri-La shop or at until July 31, 2022.